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Good Enterprise Workshop Reflections

We’ve now had three workshops as part of our Good Enterprise Workshop Series.  We are also glad to note that due to the wonderful support provided by many supporters including the JR McKenzie Trust, Wellington City Council, attendees and those who have contributed to our Pledge Me Campaign we have been able to provide free and/or affordable access to a range of members from across our community.  Here’s some feedback we’ve been able to collect from our crew who have attended the first two workshops delivered by Viv Maidaborn

“I loved understanding that ideas come from dancing on the edges of possibility and continuing to push the boundaries”

“Being able to understand the definition of Social Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur and the key differences between the two”

“Bringing together of diverse peoples with different views and perspectives and connecting them to the kaupapa of social entrepreneurship”

“I will take away the fact that I believe in the importance of social entrepreneurship in creating sustainable social change”.

“I enjoyed the interactive informative style Viv brings to her workshops”.

“The first workshop was great for me as it grounded social entrepreneurship within a context. I felt like I had all these notions floating around in my head and what Viv said identified and organised these thoughts. It really confirmed my enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship”

“Meeting people interested in social entrepreneurship and learning more about it together. Vivien’s presentation was really easy to understand and practical. It made so much sense and was a great introduction to the topic. Easy to understand and useful explanation of social entrepreneurship. The continual cycle of development, growth and learning required in this process. Viv was awesome! Nice mix of content delivery and conversation to learn from others too!”

“Viv has such a clear and confident way of presenting her material. She make everything incredibly accessible and exciting. I loved her defining personality traits of a social entrepreneur and the exercises she got us to do. Particularly the ‘sweetspot’ finding where aspirations, assets and market reality meet. It enabled me to get clarity on social entrepreneurship and where I might want to go with it, loved it!”

All in all it seems this has been a wonderful start to an amazing series, giving us an opportunity to connect with these amazing presenter and the wisdom and resources they have.  Thank you!!



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