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Building a Framework – Using Lean Canvas

If you had asked me a week ago, what’s a lean canvas, I might have mistakenly said it’s a cool piece of art?  Well, art is kinda close, in that we are looking at ways to plot and plan our enterprise direction without the cumbersome nature of a 500 page business plan which is indeed a true art form.

The tool of using a lean canvas enables us to utilise a one pager that can plot out the most important parts of a business idea.  To test whether the idea can work and what key resources are needed to make it fly.

Here are some of the tools Michael refers to, to get a clear sense of how the tool works and the way it can work in social enterprises/business development.

This is Lean Canvas explained in less than two minutes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QoAOzMTLP5s

The lean canvas poster can be downloaded here: http://businessmodelgeneration.com/canvas
Further tools:
 ”How to Build a Startup” lectures by Steve Blank at https://www.udacity.com/course/ep245 
And a couple of must have books to add to you Ninja social enterprise tool kit:
Startup Owners Manual, Steve Blank and Bob Dorf
If you build it, will they come?”, Rob Adams


Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Michael and we look forward to the possibility of your return to (fingers crossed) do our Customer Validation workshop Thursday April  11th – Customer Validation – Market Research.
Biggest thanks to you from the Internship Crew and the wonderful participants from Good Enterprise




  1. Ash Maurya says:

    kayemaree –

    Hi, I am the creator of Lean Canvas and while it’s derived from the Business Model Canvas, you reference above, it’s different.

    It is based on the original BMC but optimized for Lean Startups.
    You can find out what’s different here:



    • kayemaree says:

      Kia ora Ash, thank you for sharing this with us. As I’m relatively new to the Lean Canvas process, it is probably more my lack of understanding and insight that created the mistake of Lean Canvas vs Business Model Canvas.

      I really appreciate what you wrote here Ash, and if you have any more online tools/templates and more info that could help us grow our understanding of Lean Canvas, please feel free to share.

      All the best from our Enspiral Intern Crew

    • anake goodall says:

      and thanks also from me Ash for this reply. i appreciated your post on the evolution to the Lean Canvas variant …

  2. anake goodall says:

    cool post Kaye-Maree, and thanks also for the links …

  3. Hey kayemaree,

    Like Ash is to the Lean Canvas, I am to the Saas Canvas, lol. And yep, it’s also different from the Business Model Canvas that you reference above.

    It is based on the original BMC and LC but optimized for Saas Startups.
    You can check out what’s different here:


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