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Mingle and Pitch – April 4th Nick Churchhouse

Our intern crew are pretty excited about pitch extraordinaire Nick Churchhouse


Nick is the Venture Manager at startup incubator Creative HQ. He hears ideas pitched at him every day, and helps prep startup founders to pitch for everything from a new employee to a tranche of seed capital. With pitches under his belt to company boards, government dudes, startup wannabes, startup success stories, and having given an impromptu song to a packed Wellington Town Hall, he’s crashed and learned a few times over.

Mingle and Pitch:
What’s it about?
Understanding the power of persuasion, pitching and projecting is critical to getting the cut through and the support you need to do anything.

What will you walk away with?

  • Understanding of the different situations you will be required to make some convincing noise about yourself/your project.
  • Understanding what convincing noise looks and sounds like.
  • Understanding the audience, and how to prepare for them.
  • How to build a pitch with punch.
  • The key elements of pitching.
  • Tip top tips for networking.
  • Ideas on turning Fear into Fearsome!
  • Some practice under your belt.

Nick, you sound pretty awesome and our good friend Michael Elwood Smith let us know your pretty special.  We look forward to seeing you.

To register go online www.enspiral.eventbrite.com or www.chalkle.com

Waged $30 Unwaged $20

Look forward to seeing you there


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